NDT Products

Customize Design

IMTT has an engineer team capable of,

  • Mechanical design, manufacture and modification;
  • PCB design and manufacture;
  • Function design and manufacture;
  • Software application development.

  • Therefore, we can customize the design and functionality of the step motor controllers and accessories that fit exactly the requirements of customers at the lowest price with guaranteed satisfaction. These requirements include but not limited to customized connection design, customized standalone design, customized function design, user-end and/or backend software design, accessory design, and etc. With low overhead cost and lack of bureaucracy, we can get things done with lower cost, faster time and exactly what the customer needs.

    Motor Customization

    IMTT can design and manufacture motors specific to your environmental, mechanical, and dimensional requirements.

    Motor customization includes but not limited to:
  • Shaft Modification flat, slot, helical cut, press fit gear or pulley, etc.;
  • Custom Housing customized housing design to fit customers mounting and other needs;
  • Assemblies encoder, controller, driver, etc.;
  • Wires & cables customized wires and cables options available.

  • If you have any question, call us at 1-303-554-8000, or email us at We can evaluate the work load and give you a price very soon.